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Your Sound Choice in Hearing Care

There are a wide selection of devices and hearing care providers to choose from. What you should choose depends on your circumstances. Here we will look at some different circumstances and give advice for each. Please contact us for a free appointment to discuss your particular circumstances so that we can provide you with tailored advice.


I am looking for the lowest possible cost when it comes to hearing aids and a care provider.

I have never used hearing aids before and I have a mild hearing loss and a quiet lifestyle.

My lifestyle requires me to hear as well as possible, so I need the best product for my hearing and the best care provider.

My friends tell me that they are very pleased with their hearing aids. I would like the same as them.

I like technology & make the best use of it. I'd like my hearing aids to be able to connect to my smart phone & other technology.

I'm not ready to wear hearing aids but I struggle to hear in noisy places, like restaurants etc.

I have tinnitus and need help to cope with it. I've been told that nothing can be done.

Best Hearing Aids & Best Care Provider

The only sensible choice is to get your GP to refer you to NHS Audiology. The hearing aids cost around £1500 per pair if you were to purchase them privately.  If you need extra support than the NHS provides you could pay for private service. Avoid paying less than £1500 for a pair of hearing aids from a private provider as the quality will be inferior to those provided for free by the NHS.

The correct solution for you is an open fitting, such as an RIC. Open fit prevents your own voice sounding as though your head is in a bucket! For any first time user, we recommend having at least two consultations with different hearing care practitioners, you can then choose who you feel most comfortable with. Expect to pay between £1500 and £2500 for a pair of hearing aids.

You must only choose from the latest top end hearing aids, anything else and you will always wonder how much better your hearing could be. Find a hearing care practitioner who you trust and will support you to get the most out of your hearing in all situations. An independent provider will give you unbiased advice. You should invest between £3000 and £4000 in your hearing aids.

Everyone is different. Even if your hearing is exactly the same as your friend, you may not get on as well with the same hearing aid. Get advice tailored to your particular set of circumstances from a hearing care practitioner you trust. Don't be tempted to buy the same hearing aid as your friend from the internet at a knock down price, it's the provider that controls what you hear not the device.

Some hearing aids are better than others when it comes to connecting to technology. There are currently only two makes that connect to smart phones directly, ReSound & Starkey. Other makes require additional accessories. Only mid to high end devices support this technology, so expect to pay in excess of £3000. Make sure you are confident that your provider is tech savvy though!

You are not alone, this is the most common thing that people tell us. Get your hearing tested by a hearing care practitioner that will explain your hearing to you without you feeling that you are being sold to. Consider using listening therapy like L.A.C.E. Keep your hearing monitored for changes and build a relationship with your provider, so you'll be ready for hearing aids when the time comes.

There are things that can be done to help people with tinnitus, but you'd be surprised how often the wrong advice is given. Ask your hearing practitioner for a full hearing test and a tinnitus evaluation and they will be able to provide you with advice and support. This may include counselling or sound therapy. Some hearing aids can also help elliviate tinnitus symptoms.

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