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Tinnitus Maskers


Tinnitus maskers, otherwise known as white noise generators, are electronic pieces of equipment that have been designed especially for the treatment of tinnitus. The aim of these devices is to try and make the tinnitus less noticeable, they do not claim to make the condition go away or cure the underlying problem.


The generators create white noise or static sound that can be heard externally, with the hope of reducing the presence of the tinnitus. Initially the sufferer retrains their brain to listen to the noise, but over time, they become used to the noise, by which time the tinnitus has become less of an importance therefore less noticeable.


Especially useful if the tinnitus sufferer has difficulty sleeping, used for an hour or so before sleep can leave a period of residual benefit after use enabling the user to get to sleep more easily.



Hearing Aids


The majority of tinnitus is linked to a hearing loss, we recommend that all sufferers of tinnitus should have a professional hearing test.  Should a hearing loss be present further recommendations can be made about the suitablility of a hearing system.


Many hearing aid users have reported that their tinnitus reduces significantly whist using their hearing aids.


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