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Your Sound Choice in Hearing Care


Wearing hearing aids as well as spectacles can be awkward or even uncomfortable. We are now able to provide two different options to combine your hearing aids with your spectacles.


The first is from German manufacturer Bruckhoff who has devloped a unique hearing aid system that simply clicks onto the frame of your own adapted glasses. Seen here on the left.


The instruments can be attached to any number of frames that have been adapted. You can have them attached to your long distance glasees when you're driving, reading glasses for close work or even your sunglasses.


The second is from Dutch manufacturer Varibel who make hearing aids built into the frame of their specially designed spectacles. Seen here on the right.


These have more advanced technology and can be specified to use bluetooth, so that you can control the hearing through an app on your smartphone.


They are available in a number of styles and colours to suit your features and personality.


Either of these options are suitable for most types of hearing loss and are fully adjustable should your hearing change in the future.


Once you have had a hearing assessment and placed your order your hearing spectacles can be with you in as little as four weeks.  


Contact us today to book your hearing test and a demonstration of these systems at our Poole Hearing Care Centre.


The Varibel system comes with it's own environmentally freindly recharger, so there is no need to use disposable batteries.

Varibel-Spec Hearing glasses


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