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Clearsound™ Hearing Protectors

clearsound hearing protectors

Clearsound™ is a custom moulded hearing protection system that uses a new range of patented RC acoustic filters. Clearsound™ offers better transparency for the higher frequency content and brings it into balance with the lower frequency content of the sound. The improved attenuation characteristic produces two important properties.


Firstly, a lower range of overall attenuation levels prevents the risk of overprotection. Secondly, less distortion of the original sound character improves speech intelligibility and work sound/warning signal perception.


Clearsound™ offers high acoustical wearing comfort and eliminates the need for removal during conversation. Clearsound™ will improve the acceptance and willingness for people required to wear hearing protection and it fully conforms to the new EN458 directive (5.3.5, 5.5.4 & 5.5.5).


Biopact™ Hearing Protectors

biopact hearing protectors

Biopact™ earplugs are custom made hearing protectors specifically developed to combat the noise associated with driving or riding at speed. Incorporating a special filter biased towards the harmful wind frequencies, Biopact™ cut no more sound than is necessary to protect the user.


Biopact™ are tailored to the individual from exact impressions taken of the users' ears allowing the production of comfortable, natural fitting earplugs that can be worn for long periods of time. The special attenuating filters are then fitted into the soft, durable, silicone earpieces. Biopact™ are manufactured so the user is provided with an earpiece that can be worn under the helmet without degrading the effectiveness through deformation of the ear canal.


Guaranteed levels of protection and comfort together with a lifetime of approximately five years the Biopact™ represents a long-term solution to the protection of one of the riders’ most valuable senses.  Biopact™ is independently tested to ISO4689 and DIN17460. They conform to European Normalisation EN352-2 standards laid down for hearing protection and carry the CE 121 marking.

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