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Your Sound Choice in Hearing Care

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Conventional hearing protectors produce 10-20dB of extra high end sound reduction than in the mid and low frequencies.  This bias distorts the sound and disrupts the fidelity.  If fitted correctly, they produce an occlusion effect which makes the user's own voice sound 'boomy' and 'hollow'.  They also attenuate (or, reduce the ambient sound) more than necessary, leaving the individual feeling isolated and unable to perform.


To overcome these problems, most performers will loosen the plugs, so they can hear better, but in doing so destroy the protective elements of the earplugs and risk damage to their hearing.


Elacin custom moulded ER musicians earplugs solve the problems created by regular earplugs and protect what more and more artists are beginning to realise is their most important instrument.

ER's are manufacturered under strict controls and incorporate a revolutionary filter that reduces sound by a pre-determined amount in a level way so that the original sound is preserved with no loss of clarity - it's just quieter.  The custom mould that houses the ER filter is tuned in the laboratory to ensure that the natural resonant frequency of the open ear is maintained thereby eliminating the disruptive occlusion effect.


There are 3 different ER filters that reduce the ambient sound by either 9, 15 or 25dB.  9dB is suitable for light noise exposure, ideal for acoustic music.  15dB is ideal for most musicians playing amplified music.  25dB is suitable for very loud situations e.g. heavy metal rock.  Filters are interchangeable and are supplied clear as standard.  The filters and moulds are available in a range of optional colours.


Our price for a pair of ERs is £165 including a consultation, impression taking and accessories.

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An extra set of filters are available at £75. A range of optional colours are available for an extra £10 per pair and an interconnecting cordis available for an extra £5.


To order yourself a pair, either call us on 01202 732300 or use our online booking system and select custom product consultation.