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Your Sound Choice in Hearing Care

Case History

Our hearing care practitioner will ask you questions about your general health, mobility, dexterity and social life as well as your hearing. It is also very useful if a friend or family member accompanies you as they may be able to tell us more about your hearing ability.


Please remember to bring a list of your current medication. This is so we can check to see if any of them may be contributing to any reduction in your hearing ability.


Otoscopy is a visual examination of your ear, ear canal and ear drum using a handheld torch like device called an otoscope. Your hearing care practitioner will check for any blockages, such as wax, and for any abnormalities, such as a perforated ear drum.


For hearing assessments carried out at our Hearing Care Centre we use a video otoscope, this allows you to see the inside of your own ear canal on a screen. We'll store a copy of the image so that we can compare it to images taken at other times. We can also provide a printout of the image for your records.


Pure-Tone Audiometry

Pure-tone audiometry is the measurement of the quietest sounds that you can hear at different pitches, both through your ears and through the bone behind your ears. A graph called an audiogram is produced once the procedure is complete.


To ensure accuracy, whenever possible audiometry is carried out in near silent conditions, ideally in a sound booth such as we have in our Hearing Care Centre. If we visit you we will need the quiestest room possible to carry out pure-tone audiometry. We will position two different headsets and ask you to press a button whenever you hear a sound. The sounds that you will hear vary in pitch and volume and will be presented at random intervals.

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A hearing test at AcoustiCare is a comprehensive examination of your ears and assessment of your hearing. It will include all of the following: -


Speech Testing

Speech testing is a way for us to find out how well you hear as background noise increases. Our hearing care practitioner will play some sentences through headphones and ask you to repeat what you think was said. Each sentence gets a bit harder, with more and more noise mixed with the speech.


At the end of the test we will be able to tell if you require directional microphones to help you focus on what is being said in noisy environments.

Your first hearing test at AcoustiCare is provided at no charge. This is so that you can get to know us and experience the professional services that we offer. Please give us a call on 01202 732300 to book your appointment, or click on the button below to use our online booking system.