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Acousticare stocks all types of Hearing Aid Batteries, the disposable zinc air and the new rechargeable lithium ion products.  Please click on Shop to purchase batteries for your hearing aids.


Zinc air technology is the most popular type of hearing aid battery, due to their low cost and relatively long life. There are 5 sizes available, although the smallest, size 5 is hardly ever used these days. The most popular is size 312 which normally lasts between 5 and 10 days, depending on the current drain from the hearing aid. Here is a table comparing different size batteries: -

* Typical Values


Zinc air batteries are button cells that use oxygen in the air to react with zinc inside the battery.  They have a very high capacity for their size. Each cell needs around 1 cubic centimetre of air per minute at a 10 mA discharge rate. A sealing tab keeps air out of the cell in storage; a few weeks after breaking the seal the electrolyte will dry out and the battery becomes unusable, regardless of use. Voltage on discharge is between 1.2  and 1.5 volts depending on manufacturer. With the sealing tab in place they have a shelf life of around 5 years.

Battery Chart Linx2 styles