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duocom communicator

DuoCom™ Communicator


When riding, flying or driving, good, clear reception of an audio signal is generally difficult due to the ambient noise levels. The use of hearing protection can safeguard the ears from noise induced hearing damage but does little to improve the wearer’s ability to hear clear sound. Turning the volume up to high levels will allow the user to hear but also increase the possibility of hearing damage.


Utilising the knowledge developed supplying Motor Grand Prix, Formula 1, Word Rally and Touring car teams, duocom™ was developed over a two-year period in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police and The National Crime Squad. duocom™ incorporates the specially developed Biopact hearing protection filters into custom moulds together with special mini transducers.

Duocom™ is tailored to the individual from impressions taken of the users ears and is manufactured in soft durable silicone allowing their use over long periods of time.  duocom™ is supplied with a standard 3.5mm jack plug termination for connection to most audio sources.


Duocom™ represents the only custom communication system certified as a hearing protector and offers a solution to the problem of reception of sound at speed.  duocom™ is independently tested to ISO4689 and DIN17460. They conform to European Normalisation EN352-2 standards laid down for hearing protection and carry the CE 121 marking.

procom communicator

Procom™ Communicator


ProCom™ provides the ideal solution for communications in extreme conditions. A customised earpiece reduces ambient noise levels by approximately 26dB allowing clear reception and lower volumes. In addition the naturally fitting earpiece locks comfortably into the ear enabling it to be worn for long periods and eliminating the possibility of being dislodged.


Highly durable Teflon cable links the earpiece to a top quality noise cancelling PTT microphone which reduces background noise and offers clear transmit close to hand.


A quick release connector links the unit into the appropriate radio connector lead offering the ability to switch radio units as required.

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